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Computer Pilot Magazine calls the Buttkicker "an absolute must for flight sim." The ButtKicker BK-GR Gamer is awesome for gaming, computer entertainment, and digital music playback. This device works with all computer systems and all gaming consoles, and allows you to feel the low end of sounds without making the room overly loud. With the ButtKicker you can experience powerful bass even while you're using headphones. But what is it and how does it work? The ButtKicker is a small linear motor that reacts to an audio signal sent by an &lifier (the ButtKicker Gamer comes with its own 100-watt &lifier). It is similar to a loudspeaker, but instead of a moving a cone and transferring sound waves through the air, the ButtKicker Gamer is attached to your seat and sends a low frequency sound directly into your body. The effect is amazing.

The human body uses two senses to perceive full-range sound. We hear sound, but we also feel it, especially low frequencies. Traditionally it takes big speakers to move a tremendous amount of air for us to feel low frequency sound. That's why so many people love loud concerts -- they want to feel the music as well as hear it. The ButtKicker Gamer reproduces the feeling range of audio in a more direct way than through air movement. The perception is actually better, plus the sound pressure disappears (forget about ringing ears!). For ex&le, when using headphones with the BK-GR, you'll still perceive powerful, musically accurate, concert-level audio, but no one else will hear anything.

The ButtKicker Gamer can take your gaming experience to an awesome level without angering your neighbors. To get the full effect of exciting, action-packed video game titles you'd normally need a huge audio entertainment system that you could pump up to a disturbing-the-peace level. The ButtKicker Gamer solves the problem and adds the big bass sound without the giant, disruptive volume.

Designed to be responsive and aggressive, the ButtKicker Gamer answers the need for both accurate low frequency response and maximum tactile effect. Digital music playback, gaming, and computer entertainment have never been so realistic or intense. Virtually indestructible and maintenance free, with a patented magnetic suspension system and a thermal switch for heat protection, the BK-GR provides tremendous power and longevity. For the workplace or home, the ButtKicker Gamer easily attaches to most standard center post chairs. And with the included "Easy Cl&" mechanism hooking up the ButtKicker Gamer is a breeze. Once the ButtKicker is attached, you'll feel the low end of sound without making the room unbearably loud. Turn down or turn off your subwoofer and you'll still be able to feel all the bass you want. And remember, you'll be able to experience powerful bass even while using headphones, making this an ideal addition to any apartment, dormitory, or condominium. Plus this new version features an all new digital &lifier (BKA끊-C) with wired remote control replaces the previous &lifier.

This unit is 120V and not suitable for use with a 220V power source.

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